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Robot Vacuum Buying Guide – Finding The Best Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum CleanerWho wouldn’t want to save a bit more time in their day, and especially if it means saving time on household chores, right?

The innovative technology of robot vacuum cleaners serves to make our lives easier, and keep your house clean at the same time.

Roomba and Botvac are names that leap to mind, but actually there are quite a few models on the market, not only ranging in price, but also in practicality uses for carpets, hardwood floors, allergy friendly and more.

They range in price from around $100 to over $500 depending on the model and the abilities of the Botvac.

When selecting which model to purchase, keep the following in mind:

Operating Hours (time spent vacuuming)

How long does the bot actually vacuum for? Keep in mind that they are slow, and unlike you physically vacuuming the room yourself, it may take the bot five or six times as long as you would.

The maximum operating time seems to be around 4 hours or less. Depending on the size of your house or apartment, you would need to work out what would work best for you.

Charging Time

Considering that the bot vacuums slowly, how long will it take you to clean your entire house if the charging time is almost as long as the operating times? Most inspected models seem to charge for around 3 to 4 hours each.

Operating Pattern

Does the bot come with a programmable pattern, or does it just do its own thing? A lot of the cheaper models just have a backwards and forwards pattern, which may lead to them getting stuck in odd places, or covering the same piece of floor on repeat, which you may only realise when you return home.

Most models have a random pattern, and only Neato XV Signature Pro and Neato Botvac’s have a virtual map system that has a laser-guided navigation system that is laser-guided, and maps out the room and then follows a concise cleaning programme suited to each room. Quite nifty, really.

Dustbin Size

Most models come with a cliff sensor (so they don’t fall down the stairs), battery life indicator, and a full bin indicator, so that you know when the bag needs changing.

So, depending on your requirements you may also want to consider looking at things like multi-room navigation, height adjustment and if the bot has a HEPA filter or not – useful if you are highly allergic to dust and mites. HEPA filters are the kinds used in medical wards to contain germs and contamination.

Remote controlled options are also available for those who don’t wish to get up from the couch to vacuum up the popcorn they just spilt on the carpet.

In conclusion, if you are seriously looking at purchasing a Botvac for your home, research your options carefully to make sure you get the best model for your requirements. Robot vacuum cleaners do not necessarily replace proper vacuuming and would ideally suit more of a “touch up” role, reducing the need for full vacuuming quite substantially. Those with pets or kids, may not find that this sort of cleaner does the work they require it to do.

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