• Saturday , 8 August 2020

Top Reasons To Own a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Vacuum CleanerI admit, when it comes to cleaning the house, I can be totally OCD about it. No, I have not consulted a psychiatrist, but I draft an annual cleaning schedule during my Christmas break. I think what stresses me most is my inability to follow it a few months later. My clutter begins to build up until I come to a breaking point around December and rehash my yearly resolution. A few years back, my husband, ever the romantic, gifted me with a portable vacuum cleaner. Although I wanted to vacuum his brains out at that time, I realize now just how thoughtful he really is. I cannot imagine life without it. Here are my reasons why you should always have one in the house:

1. It’s handy and portable

My house is not too big that I need to clean it weekly. I do a major clean-up once a month where I haul out my heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Most of the time, I just walk around the house looking for dirt to zap. I put a dirt mat in the entrance foyer and the kitchen door to catch most mud and dirt so that I only do a little vacuuming for a few minutes.

2. It’s great for emergency spills

Having 3 kids around is always a disaster waiting to happen, especially in the kitchen. Foods and drinks are spilled and food fights sometimes break out. Instead of erupting like a volcano, I just reach for the my vacuum. My kids know that it’s time to stop yelling at each when they hear the motor running because Mommy is mad. Clean kitchen and quiet children, what’s not to like?

3. It’s great for finding lost items

I often drop small items such as jewelry or keys in between the cushions or in the carpet. Instead of dropping to my knees and groping around for the lost item, I use my portable machine to draw it out.

4. I use it to clean my drapes

A few years back, I feel in love with curtains and drapes. But since I don’t have a lot of time to clean, I usually see dust gathering there. With my portable machine, I can easily reach out and zap the webs. My husband takes care of those areas beyond my reach.

5. Great for cleaning the interiors of my car

I’m a soccer mom, so I’m often transporting sweaty mud-streaked kids from one game to another. I couldn’t stand looking at a dirty car, so I bought a portable cleaner for my car. Other moms think I have my car detailed on a regular basis. To this day, I have not told anyone my dirty little secret.

There are many uses for a popular portable vacuum. Nonetheless, many have not discovered this useful tool. If you are a busy homemaker, I recommend that you get one. It’s cheap, portable, convenient and can be easily stored anywhere.

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