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How to Find The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum CleanerThe thought of cleaning a home gives everyone butterflies, but thanks to technological developments, we now have vacuum cleaners that make this task easier.

Despite this fact, vacuuming your house may still be a nightmare if you’re using a poor machine and this is what worries most buyers.

This guide to finding the perfect vacuum for your varied cleaning needs will take you through every step and decision you need to make in this journey.

1. Cleaning Environment

Do you live in a small room or will you need your vacuum to clean your grand mansion? Smaller handheld or stick vacuums are perfect for cleaning smaller areas while larger upright or canister models work best for larger areas. Does your house have wall-to-wall carpeting, has smooth floors like tiles and wood or does it have area rugs in some places? Some vacuums are designed to clean only carpets and soft surfaces, some to clean hard surfaces and others for both hardwood floor and carpet. If you live in a house that has stairs or you need to clean more than the floor, you may consider choosing a more easily portable cleaner, or one that provides more attachments.

2. Traffic And Amount of Dirt

High traffic areas like the kitchen usually attract more dirt thus need more intensive cleaning. Homes with children and pets are also more prone to many accidental messes and also lots of pet hairs harbored within carpet fibers and on furniture thus the need for a better clean. Buying a larger and more powerful vacuum is wise for people who clean larger messes while the more portable ones like the handheld and stick are ideal for small messes and quick cleaning tasks. For an environment with frequent messes that need quick cleaning, I would highly recommend the portable models as they tend to be easier and quicker to use as compared to full-sized cleaners. An upright or canister model is great for people who clean once a week or more.

3. Performance

This greatly depends on the power of the motor, the suction power and the capacity among other factors. A powerful motor means optimal suction power thus greater capabilities in sucking up dirt and debris from varied surfaces like carpeted floors, bare floors, upholstered furniture and drapery. The capacity of the vacuum is also important as it will determine how quick the dirt bag or dirt cup fills up and with it, how quickly the vac starts losing its suction power. Their battery run time should also be long enough to clean the area without losing its suction power and the cords should be long enough at least 20 feet for easier movement around the house.

4. Durability

Finding a vacuum that will last 20 years or more is a great investment for a homeowner. A nice machine should last beyond the warranty provided for it. Try searching for one that has a metal or stainless steel body rather than brittle plastic casings.

5. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Do you want to develop a headache trying to use an appliance that’s still complicated to handle even after reading its user manual? Of course not. So choose a vacuum that has fewer and well labelled operation buttons or knobs to save yourself from the hassle. Vacuums that can be emptied by pressing a button rather than manually removing the dirt cup are also a great deal. They should also be easier to maintain and their parts should be replaceable and easily accessible.

6. Considering The Features

You should also consider the extra features offered ranging from different attachments like telescoping wands, dusting brushes, crevice tools and upholstery brushes, replaceable HEPA filters some being washable, wet/dry properties, spinning brushes for cleaning carpets, pile height adjustments for carpets with varying thickness and also quiet operation.

7. Cost Effectiveness

The vacuum you choose should be cost effective yet powerful. Not all high-end vacuums provide for all your needs and the opposite of this is true.

These are the best tips to finding the most ideal and reliable machine for all your cleaning needs.

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