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Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Review

There are three things I look for in a vacuum – performance, product features and lifespan. Truthfully, finding one that hits all three categories on the head is nearly impossible.

Affordable vacuum cleaners may last two or three years and cost less than $200 while higher end models are guaranteed to last five years or more and cost upwards of $600.

In many cases, you are nickel and dimed on the cost of accessories, replacement bags, belts and other parts which wear out quickly due to poor design or are not included with your unit purchase. When I found the Miele S7210 Twist I knew I had found the balance that many of us search for in a quality cleaning unit.

The Product

Miele S7210 TwistFirst, let’s talk about the product. The Miele S7210 is a uniquely designed unit which combines German engineering with practical usage.

This model is created to have an impressive 54-foot cleaning radius and comes with a variety of accessories to clean every surface in your home. The included features are:

  • 12-foot Flexible Hose
  • Rotary 4-Function Power Dial
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • 19-pound Total Weight
  • SwivelNeck Technology for Easier Maneuverability

The particular upright vacuum comes with a 7-year motor warranty from the manufacturer and a 2-year replacement or refund warranty from Good Housekeeping if the unit is defective in anyway.

The Performance

The real test of any vacuum is how well it performs. There are two key features for this unit which put it above the competition. The first is the SwivelNeck technology which allows you to easily navigate around and under all types and sizes of furniture. Unlike traditional uprights which only have one direction, this model can be turned with the slightest turn of the wrist.

The second feature to love is the uniquely designed electrobrush. With this piece, the vacuum is able to quickly and automatically adjust to various heights in flooring without compromising the suction power. The head height can quickly go from thick shag carpet to hardwood flooring without any need to manually adjust it. The manufacturer guarantees that the unit will capture and retain 99.9% of allergens, dust and dirt.

The AirClean filter ensures that even the smallest particles are trapped inside until you empty the basin. From cereal pieces spilled by your children to the fur left behind by your shedding pets, this vacuum will tackle it all with ease. Finally there is the rotary dial feature which allows you to quickly adjust the suction power of the unit. With this feature you can go from vacuuming hardwood floors to area rugs to drapes with one single machine.

The Reviews

Miele S7210 reviews refer to this model as a “Heavy-Duty Beast” and state that it has “Top-Notch Engineering” while being a “Totally Amazing Product”. With the included warranties, you can be sure that this unit will last longer than your standard upright models. All in all, if your home has a variety of surfaces and plenty of dirt to boot then this is the vacuum you’ll want to invest in. You’ll be amazed at what others are saying about it right now. Be sure to also check out the differences between using other types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning a hardwood floor.

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