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Savannah (Deer Ridge Savannah) born October 23, 1995, is a founding member of The Pack as the second Ridgeback. The sensitive one, Savannah is quite shy until she knows you. Often overshadowed by her more demonstrative sister, Savannah waits her turn. She's The Boyz best friend and loves to play with both of them. You'll often find her as the joyous, ridgeback filling of a poodle sandwich.


One of Savannah's greatest joys was the arrival of first Mercury and then Tag to the Pack. Many are the days when she finishes a walk, grinning, with her ears covered in poodle drool. Savannah can also be seen here.

Savannah is a Deer Ridge Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her sire was Am/Can CH Deer Ridge Sea King and her dam Westwood Calypso Joi

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