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How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself Without Sanding

Many people would wish to restore and give a new look to their floor without necessarily sanding the floor. This is important for floors that are not seriously damaged and does not have deep dents or scratches. Also, you may be on a budget and just want to revive your floor. Either way, you can easily refinish your hardwood floor without sanding.

Why You Should Not Refinish With a Sander

TRefinished Wood Floorypically, refinishing your hardwood floor with sanding can be a huge mess. In fact, if you carry out the job alone, you will need to buy a variety of sandpaper, rent a sander, and buy a floor finish. You will also need to cover your vents and everything with sheets so that no dust or dirt enters your HVAC. However, if your hardwood is not that bad but the finish is a bit boring, refinishing without sanding will just be fine. This will not only save you time and money, but you will also avoid causing a permanent damage on your floor.


  • Broom or vacuum
  • Polyurethane
  • Hardwax
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber applicator pad
  • Spray mop
  • Hardwood floor polish

Refinishing Your Hardwood

Clean your floor- to clean your floor, use warm water or PH neutral cleaner. As compared to PH neutral cleaner, you may opt for warm water and get into the process of cleaning your floor. While doing this, ensure that you do not drench or over wet the floor. It’s advisable to use a rag or a damp mob so that you can avoid causing any damage.

Check whether oil or a lacquer based product was used to finish your floor- if you are not a professional, it can be very difficult to distinguish between a lacquered floor and an oiled floor. As compared to lacquer based products, oiled floors tend to wear out faster. Also, if you spill anything on them, they can easily stain. On the contrary, lacquered floors do not wear out faster. This is why you need to use hardwax oil on oil floors and polyurethane of lacquer floors.

  • Vacuum – while doing this, do it slowly and systematical moving around the edges so as to remove all the dust from the surface.
  • Oil or lacquer the floor – lastly, you need to oil or lacquer your floor. While lacquering, use a medium roller so that you can correctly cover the entire area. However, in case you are oiling it, it’s recommended that you use a short roller

Wrap up

That is how to refinish your hardwood if you don’t want to sand it first. Before replacing the furniture or walking on the floor, you need to know the time required for the floor to dry up. Refinishing without sanding is not only easy but is also a cheap way for those who are on a budget. It actually brings back that new appearance to your floor. For the best results, do not forget to follow all the instructions needed.

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