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How to Choose a Cordless Vacuum For Cleaning Car Seats

Just like homes, car interiors especially car seats accumulate a lot of dust and dirt therefore requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, unlike homes whereby cleaning requires tools such as brooms and mops, cars require different tools and methods of cleaning due to the materials they are made of and also their structure. Dust and dirt particles usually settle on car seats through open windows, doors and also human being’s shoes.

Car Seat Vacuuming

Vacuuming Car SeatThe best method to clean car seats is undoubtedly through vacuuming. It is not only efficient in cleaning hard to reach areas but it is also good in removing tiny particles and fur that cling onto seats.

Research studies have also been able to prove that vacuuming is effective in removing mites, bacteria and other allergens which cause major health risks and overall unhygienic environment if not effectively removed.

Types Car Vacuums Available

However, with a lot of cleaning appliances to pick from in the market to date, it has become a daunting task to decide on a vacuum cleaner that is able to satisfy ones’ need and also be affordable to purchase and maintain. Whereas there are two main types of car vacuums: cordless and wall-mount, this piece will rely on the cordless one as it is the most common and also efficient cleaner thanks to its several advantages which supersede that of the latter.

  1. Portability – It is important to note that you will be required to hold the cleaner for a long time depending on how dirty/dusty the car is when cleaning it. Therefore, when deciding on a cordless handheld vacuum, choose one that is light/portable and which that can be kept on the car for those times that you need to touch it up before/after picking up other passengers.
  2. Suction power – Purchase a machine that has great suction power which is important in ensuring that your cleaning experience is easy. It is important to understand that the suction power will also affect the battery life thereby affecting the duration per use.
  3. Runs on batteries –  When choosing one, make sure that you pick the one that holds onto charge for an ample period of time therefore avoiding situations whereby the charge dies even before you have been able to finish cleaning the car seats. When purchasing make sure that you inquire as to how long it takes to recharge and also for how long the battery will last before having to recharge it once more.
  4. Design and reach – Although suction power may be important, the design should also be highly considered. When a vacuum design has a good reach then the vacuuming experience is improved and enhanced. Most of the reputable cleaners have ergonomic designs which are comfortable to use and also can be used for a significant amount of time. The design should reflect your taste and preference in order to suit your lifestyle.
  5. Price – Don’t get caught up in trying to choose the best model for your car before settling on a price range/ budget. Choosing the most expensive product in the market doesn’t necessarily mean that it will satisfy all your needs. Rather, check out unbiased reviews in sites like Amazon to have an idea on what you need and also avoid any unexpected surprises.

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