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Safest Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors Without Damaging Them

Cleaning Hardwood

Hardwood floors have been used in several homes, giving you a stylish and traditional flooring option. They need cleaning and maintenance in order to retain attractive appearance.

Elements might build up after a while which can make your flooring look dull, so it is important to clean it on a regular basis. You want to make use of effective and safest cleaning products and leave no residue when your floor has dried.

Every Day Cleaning

Sweep hardwood floors on a regular basis with a dust mop or a soft broom. You can as well use a vacuum. The vacuum should have no beater bar attached, since beater bars might indent it if they strike down. Make use of a cleaning mop dampened with water to get rid of sticky patches. You ought to vacuum before cleaning your floor with a moistened mop.

Spot Cleaning

Spot clean pills using a damp cloth mop. This reduces the rate of wet mopping the whole floor. Complete a whole floor mopping only when needed.

Avoid using highly wetted mop since the liquid may seep below your finish and make the boards to swell up. Rinse the mop thoroughly before scrubbing your wood floor.

Avoid Vinegar

Don’t use vinegar on your wood floor! Vinegar is acidic. It will eat away the wax coating, polyurethane, polyester or whatever the floor is coated with. It is okay for ceramic and no-wax linoleum but do not use it on your wood floor.

Use what your manufacturer recommends or choose a nice pH-balanced hardwood floor cleaner like Bona kemi. Other cleaners which usually work well on several wood floors are Murphy’s oil soap, Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Zep Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Commercial Cleaner

Use a green cleaning product which is readily available at any supermarket and they are usually labeled green or eco-friendly. Ensure that the product you select to clean your floor is labeled safe for use on the hardwood floors. These products come in spray form which can be misted on the wood floor and then wiped off, or you can select a liquid bottle which you can add a small portion to bucket of water.

Removing Stain

All floors are usually susceptible to stains. A fine steel wool is good in removing majority of these stains and leaves your floor pure clean.

A small amount of alcohol can as well be used to remove these stains. Finish off by buffing and polishing. When the stain remains, sanding down that area might be the only option to remove it.

Do Not Use bleach

You should not use bleach or bleach-based cleaners, or other chemical cleaners. Such kinds of products are always damaging to hardwood floor and they might harm your family as well as environment. Stick with safe cleaning products making use of all-natural cleaning elements. As well, avoid using steam cleaners, as combination of the steam and heat can be very damaging to the hardwood floors.


  • Hardwood floor should be well sealed before you start cleaning. If there are little worn patches, avoid use water as it can penetrate and cause warping.
  • Do not wear stiletto heels. They can leave scratch marks and cracks on the wood.
  • Ensure you keep rugs near entrances to collect dirt. You also need to place mats in front of sinks in case water spatters over the sink.
  • Never use ammonia in mopping hardwood floor.

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