Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Pet VacuumPet hair and households are not kindred spirits. Dogs and cats shed hair perpetually. An enduring, robust vacuum is an essential.

Without one, be prepared to be buried in hair the height of Mount Everest.
All vacuums appear indispensable for pet hair removal. The sad truth is that not all fit the purpose.

Here are ten quick questions that you should ask yourself before you begin searching the best vacuum for pet hair:

1) Does The Style Suit Your Needs?

Bagless vacuums are often recommended for cleaning up these types of messes. These models filter dirt into a cup. An air passage in the machine creates proper suction. Airflow and suction in bagged models are lost as bags fill up with dust.

Using a bagless vacuum means that a stock of bags is unnecessary. A bagless vacuum prevents asthmatics from being exposed to dust particles.

The Dyson DC 41 eradicates the annoyance of emptying and inhaling dust and rubbish. The dislodged disposal unit is easily clipped back in.

If you are looking for a stylish vacuum that mimics the Roomba, try the iRobot. The circular vacuum cleans with speed. The bumpers around the unit negate the concern of destroying valuable furniture as it moves around. Be aware that this model is more suitable in homes with no pets or children as it may scare them.

2) Is The Filtration System Efficient?

A properly functioning vacuum cleaner should thoroughly eliminate dirt. An adept filtration system prevents dirt from being exhausted into the air.

You should ask about a vacuum’s filtration system, especially if your family members have dust allergies.

Cordless models clean thoroughly, but be certain that the model has enough run time to clean your entire home.

The cyclone technology of Dyson vacuum cleaners is beyond compare. It clears any debris within reason The Hoover WindTunnel T Series of vacuums performs competently as well, with HEPA filters that are reusable and washable.

3) Is Storage And Maintenance a Headache?

Request for information about the vacuum’s maintenance. How often do belts, filters and other items need replacing? What is the cost of replacement? Ask for the location of service centers nearest your home.

Consider where and how to store the unit. The Dyson DC24 Animal Compact Upright Cleaner has a collapsible handle that allows you to fold it down for storage almost anywhere.

4) Does it Remove Hair From Carpets And Inaccessible Areas?

A reliable machine should lift your pet’s hair off floors and carpets with ease. It should draw hair even from inaccessible, stubborn edges. You can learn more about the best features that make a good pet vacuum over at Home Floor Experts:

Vacuums that use cyclonic technology, such as the Hoover Windtunnel T Series Models, are designed specifically for the task of pulling hair out of carpets and other tough-to-reach places. The Shark Navigator Lift Away is competent at pulling almost anything from floors.

5) Do You Need to Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Stubborn animal hair on hardwood floors is a bane. Aside from finding a cleaner that completes the task, another concern is finding a vacuum that works on hardwood floors by protecting the floor from scratches and scuff marks while vacuuming.

There are a range of pet vacuums that can easily clear hair build-up without damaging precious your hardwood. One such cleaner is the affordable Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind UH 70210.

An impressive Turbo Brush pulls intractable hair out of carpets, but is easily removed when you need to hover over hardwood.

6) How Frequently do You Vacuum?

Vacuuming is not a daily task for everyone. How regularly do you vacuum? A lightweight stick model is best if you do it constantly.

If your cleaning routine is once a week, you require a cleaner with a vigorous motor and suction. The Panasonic “Jet Force Bagless” Upright Vacuum uses intense, cyclonic technology to make cleaning easier.

7) What Accessories Does it Come With?

For pet owners, a vacuum with motorized roller brushes is a must. These should be designed to remove even thick animal hair from nooks and crannies.
A spinning brush completes vacuuming jobs effectively. It combs through carpet fibers and extracts debris.

The Dyson DC41 has an array of excellent accessories that are guaranteed to remove your pet’s hair.

8) Is it Durable?

A good pet vacuum should have a secure warranty. A reliable place of purchase extends it according to your needs.

Find out the requirements you need to fulfill before buying and make sure to read reviews.

9) Does it Have Enough Suction Power?

If your pet sheds hair at a tremendous rate, you need a vacuum with dynamic suction. It should have the accessories to clear annoying hair. Essentially, it should never clog up.

The Miele S7260 is a rugged, sturdy vacuum that answers to these requirements. Although not bagless, the bags are sealed, a boon for anyone with dust allergies.

10) How Portable is it?

Vacuuming is a chore if you have to lug excessive, heavy equipment around. Bearing that in mind, lightweight models have fewer features. Balance the vacuum’s weight against its components.

The Shark Navigator NV352 is a nifty vacuum that is lightweight and convenient to push around. A draw of this model is that it can be used as a canister or in a standing position. With a set of functional hand tools, pet hair is a nuisance of the past. Remove the hassle by having the ideal tools.

Robotic Vacuum CleanerWho wouldn’t want to save a bit more time in their day, and especially if it means saving time on household chores, right?

The innovative technology of robot vacuum cleaners serves to make our lives easier, and keep your house clean at the same time.

Roomba and Botvac are names that leap to mind, but actually there are quite a few models on the market, not only ranging in price, but also in practicality uses for carpets, hardwood floors, allergy friendly and more.

They range in price from around $100 to over $500 depending on the model and the abilities of the Botvac.

When selecting which model to purchase, keep the following in mind:

Operating Hours (time spent vacuuming)

How long does the bot actually vacuum for? Keep in mind that they are slow, and unlike you physically vacuuming the room yourself, it may take the bot five or six times as long as you would.

The maximum operating time seems to be around 4 hours or less. Depending on the size of your house or apartment, you would need to work out what would work best for you.

Charging Time

Considering that the bot vacuums slowly, how long will it take you to clean your entire house if the charging time is almost as long as the operating times? Most inspected models seem to charge for around 3 to 4 hours each.

Operating Pattern

Does the bot come with a programmable pattern, or does it just do its own thing? A lot of the cheaper models just have a backwards and forwards pattern, which may lead to them getting stuck in odd places, or covering the same piece of floor on repeat, which you may only realise when you return home.

Most models have a random pattern, and only Neato XV Signature Pro and Neato Botvac’s have a virtual map system that has a laser-guided navigation system that is laser-guided, and maps out the room and then follows a concise cleaning programme suited to each room. Quite nifty, really.

Dustbin Size

Most models come with a cliff sensor (so they don’t fall down the stairs), battery life indicator, and a full bin indicator, so that you know when the bag needs changing.

So, depending on your requirements you may also want to consider looking at things like multi-room navigation, height adjustment and if the bot has a HEPA filter or not – useful if you are highly allergic to dust and mites. HEPA filters are the kinds used in medical wards to contain germs and contamination.

Remote controlled options are also available for those who don’t wish to get up from the couch to vacuum up the popcorn they just spilt on the carpet.

In conclusion, if you are seriously looking at purchasing a Botvac for your home, research your options carefully to make sure you get the best model for your requirements. Robot vacuum cleaners do not necessarily replace proper vacuuming and would ideally suit more of a “touch up” role, reducing the need for full vacuuming quite substantially. Those with pets or kids, may not find that this sort of cleaner does the work they require it to do.

Vacuum CleanerThe thought of cleaning a home gives everyone butterflies, but thanks to technological developments, we now have vacuum cleaners that make this task easier.

Despite this fact, vacuuming your house may still be a nightmare if you’re using a poor machine and this is what worries most buyers.

This guide to finding the perfect vacuum for your varied cleaning needs will take you through every step and decision you need to make in this journey.

1. Cleaning Environment

Do you live in a small room or will you need your vacuum to clean your grand mansion? Smaller handheld or stick vacuums are perfect for cleaning smaller areas while larger upright or canister models work best for larger areas. Does your house have wall-to-wall carpeting, has smooth floors like tiles and wood or does it have area rugs in some places? Some vacuums are designed to clean only carpets and soft surfaces, some to clean hard surfaces and others for both hardwood floor and carpet. If you live in a house that has stairs or you need to clean more than the floor, you may consider choosing a more easily portable cleaner, or one that provides more attachments.

2. Traffic And Amount of Dirt

High traffic areas like the kitchen usually attract more dirt thus need more intensive cleaning. Homes with children and pets are also more prone to many accidental messes and also lots of pet hairs harbored within carpet fibers and on furniture thus the need for a better clean. Buying a larger and more powerful vacuum is wise for people who clean larger messes while the more portable ones like the handheld and stick are ideal for small messes and quick cleaning tasks. For an environment with frequent messes that need quick cleaning, I would highly recommend the portable models as they tend to be easier and quicker to use as compared to full-sized cleaners. An upright or canister model is great for people who clean once a week or more.

3. Performance

This greatly depends on the power of the motor, the suction power and the capacity among other factors. A powerful motor means optimal suction power thus greater capabilities in sucking up dirt and debris from varied surfaces like carpeted floors, bare floors, upholstered furniture and drapery. The capacity of the vacuum is also important as it will determine how quick the dirt bag or dirt cup fills up and with it, how quickly the vac starts losing its suction power. Their battery run time should also be long enough to clean the area without losing its suction power and the cords should be long enough at least 20 feet for easier movement around the house.

4. Durability

Finding a vacuum that will last 20 years or more is a great investment for a homeowner. A nice machine should last beyond the warranty provided for it. Try searching for one that has a metal or stainless steel body rather than brittle plastic casings.

5. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Do you want to develop a headache trying to use an appliance that’s still complicated to handle even after reading its user manual? Of course not. So choose a vacuum that has fewer and well labelled operation buttons or knobs to save yourself from the hassle. Vacuums that can be emptied by pressing a button rather than manually removing the dirt cup are also a great deal. They should also be easier to maintain and their parts should be replaceable and easily accessible.

6. Considering The Features

You should also consider the extra features offered ranging from different attachments like telescoping wands, dusting brushes, crevice tools and upholstery brushes, replaceable HEPA filters some being washable, wet/dry properties, spinning brushes for cleaning carpets, pile height adjustments for carpets with varying thickness and also quiet operation.

7. Cost Effectiveness

The vacuum you choose should be cost effective yet powerful. Not all high-end vacuums provide for all your needs and the opposite of this is true.

These are the best tips to finding the most ideal and reliable machine for all your cleaning needs.

There are three things I look for in a vacuum – performance, product features and lifespan. Truthfully, finding one that hits all three categories on the head is nearly impossible.

Affordable vacuum cleaners may last two or three years and cost less than $200 while higher end models are guaranteed to last five years or more and cost upwards of $600.

In many cases, you are nickel and dimed on the cost of accessories, replacement bags, belts and other parts which wear out quickly due to poor design or are not included with your unit purchase. When I found the Miele S7210 Twist I knew I had found the balance that many of us search for in a quality cleaning unit.

The Product

Miele S7210 TwistFirst, let’s talk about the product. The Miele S7210 is a uniquely designed unit which combines German engineering with practical usage.

This model is created to have an impressive 54-foot cleaning radius and comes with a variety of accessories to clean every surface in your home. The included features are:

  • 12-foot Flexible Hose
  • Rotary 4-Function Power Dial
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • 19-pound Total Weight
  • SwivelNeck Technology for Easier Maneuverability

The particular upright vacuum comes with a 7-year motor warranty from the manufacturer and a 2-year replacement or refund warranty from Good Housekeeping if the unit is defective in anyway.

The Performance

The real test of any vacuum is how well it performs. There are two key features for this unit which put it above the competition. The first is the SwivelNeck technology which allows you to easily navigate around and under all types and sizes of furniture. Unlike traditional uprights which only have one direction, this model can be turned with the slightest turn of the wrist.

The second feature to love is the uniquely designed electrobrush. With this piece, the vacuum is able to quickly and automatically adjust to various heights in flooring without compromising the suction power. The head height can quickly go from thick shag carpet to hardwood flooring without any need to manually adjust it. The manufacturer guarantees that the unit will capture and retain 99.9% of allergens, dust and dirt.

The AirClean filter ensures that even the smallest particles are trapped inside until you empty the basin. From cereal pieces spilled by your children to the fur left behind by your shedding pets, this vacuum will tackle it all with ease. Finally there is the rotary dial feature which allows you to quickly adjust the suction power of the unit. With this feature you can go from vacuuming hardwood floors to area rugs to drapes with one single machine.

The Reviews

Miele S7210 reviews refer to this model as a “Heavy-Duty Beast” and state that it has “Top-Notch Engineering” while being a “Totally Amazing Product”. With the included warranties, you can be sure that this unit will last longer than your standard upright models. All in all, if your home has a variety of surfaces and plenty of dirt to boot then this is the vacuum you’ll want to invest in. You’ll be amazed at what others are saying about it right now. Be sure to also check out the differences between using other types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning a hardwood floor.

Portable Vacuum CleanerI admit, when it comes to cleaning the house, I can be totally OCD about it. No, I have not consulted a psychiatrist, but I draft an annual cleaning schedule during my Christmas break. I think what stresses me most is my inability to follow it a few months later. My clutter begins to build up until I come to a breaking point around December and rehash my yearly resolution. A few years back, my husband, ever the romantic, gifted me with a portable vacuum cleaner. Although I wanted to vacuum his brains out at that time, I realize now just how thoughtful he really is. I cannot imagine life without it. Here are my reasons why you should always have one in the house:

1. It’s handy and portable

My house is not too big that I need to clean it weekly. I do a major clean-up once a month where I haul out my heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Most of the time, I just walk around the house looking for dirt to zap. I put a dirt mat in the entrance foyer and the kitchen door to catch most mud and dirt so that I only do a little vacuuming for a few minutes.

2. It’s great for emergency spills

Having 3 kids around is always a disaster waiting to happen, especially in the kitchen. Foods and drinks are spilled and food fights sometimes break out. Instead of erupting like a volcano, I just reach for the my vacuum. My kids know that it’s time to stop yelling at each when they hear the motor running because Mommy is mad. Clean kitchen and quiet children, what’s not to like?

3. It’s great for finding lost items

I often drop small items such as jewelry or keys in between the cushions or in the carpet. Instead of dropping to my knees and groping around for the lost item, I use my portable machine to draw it out.

4. I use it to clean my drapes

A few years back, I feel in love with curtains and drapes. But since I don’t have a lot of time to clean, I usually see dust gathering there. With my portable machine, I can easily reach out and zap the webs. My husband takes care of those areas beyond my reach.

5. Great for cleaning the interiors of my car

I’m a soccer mom, so I’m often transporting sweaty mud-streaked kids from one game to another. I couldn’t stand looking at a dirty car, so I bought a portable cleaner for my car. Other moms think I have my car detailed on a regular basis. To this day, I have not told anyone my dirty little secret.

There are many uses for a popular portable vacuum. Nonetheless, many have not discovered this useful tool. If you are a busy homemaker, I recommend that you get one. It’s cheap, portable, convenient and can be easily stored anywhere.

Just like homes, car interiors especially car seats accumulate a lot of dust and dirt therefore requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, unlike homes whereby cleaning requires tools such as brooms and mops, cars require different tools and methods of cleaning due to the materials they are made of and also their structure. Dust and dirt particles usually settle on car seats through open windows, doors and also human being’s shoes.

Car Seat Vacuuming

Vacuuming Car SeatThe best method to clean car seats is undoubtedly through vacuuming. It is not only efficient in cleaning hard to reach areas but it is also good in removing tiny particles and fur that cling onto seats.

Research studies have also been able to prove that vacuuming is effective in removing mites, bacteria and other allergens which cause major health risks and overall unhygienic environment if not effectively removed.

Types Car Vacuums Available

However, with a lot of cleaning appliances to pick from in the market to date, it has become a daunting task to decide on a vacuum cleaner that is able to satisfy ones’ need and also be affordable to purchase and maintain. Whereas there are two main types of car vacuums: cordless and wall-mount, this piece will rely on the cordless one as it is the most common and also efficient cleaner thanks to its several advantages which supersede that of the latter.

  1. Portability – It is important to note that you will be required to hold the cleaner for a long time depending on how dirty/dusty the car is when cleaning it. Therefore, when deciding on a cordless handheld vacuum, choose one that is light/portable and which that can be kept on the car for those times that you need to touch it up before/after picking up other passengers.
  2. Suction power – Purchase a machine that has great suction power which is important in ensuring that your cleaning experience is easy. It is important to understand that the suction power will also affect the battery life thereby affecting the duration per use.
  3. Runs on batteries –  When choosing one, make sure that you pick the one that holds onto charge for an ample period of time therefore avoiding situations whereby the charge dies even before you have been able to finish cleaning the car seats. When purchasing make sure that you inquire as to how long it takes to recharge and also for how long the battery will last before having to recharge it once more.
  4. Design and reach – Although suction power may be important, the design should also be highly considered. When a vacuum design has a good reach then the vacuuming experience is improved and enhanced. Most of the reputable cleaners have ergonomic designs which are comfortable to use and also can be used for a significant amount of time. The design should reflect your taste and preference in order to suit your lifestyle.
  5. Price – Don’t get caught up in trying to choose the best model for your car before settling on a price range/ budget. Choosing the most expensive product in the market doesn’t necessarily mean that it will satisfy all your needs. Rather, check out unbiased reviews in sites like Amazon to have an idea on what you need and also avoid any unexpected surprises.

Electrolux vacuum cleaners have all purpose vacuums from upright to canister. The upright models are good for large carpeted ares because of their flexibility to move around. The canister types are perfect for general cleaning from carpet cleaning to hardwood floor cleaning. There are also stick models for the cleaning of small area. If you are single with no family, living in a small apartment, this is the perfect cleaner for you.

Most of the Electrolux cleaners are bag-less compared to the Dyson models with bag. Although the baged machines can contain dirt, pet hair and dust, they also add unnecessary expense to the cleaning process. But for bag-less, you can save money, easy to empty and you can easily know if it is not working by the way it picks dirt.

One true benefit of an Electrolux is its durability. It can last more than a life time and still remain strong and in good working condition with free maintenance costs. Most Dyson machines re-circulate harmful allergens like dust mite, mold spores and dust. However, most Electrolux, like a central vacuum, removes all of the dirt to a remote collection point as its exhaust is vented outside.

Electrolux cleaners are also easy to use because of their light weight control. Imagine waking up early in the morning to clean your house with no noise at all. These cleaners are the best since they do not produce any noise with smelly motor fumes.

The suction power of Electrolux is somewhat more powerful than most Dyson. This is made possible by the specially designed motor that is housed inside the fixed appliance. However, Electrolux can be more expensive than Dyson, but be sure that this is an added value to your home appliances. You can choose to see it as an investment for a good course.

Electrolux come in different models that you can choose from with specific features. The models match any kind of lifestyle that you might be leading.

Cleaning of a home is an essential every day activity that cannot be avoided. Dirt and dust cleaning is part of the routine. The better way to clean is by using an Electrolux vacuum cleaner that will remove all the dirt in your home making your home a healthy place to live in.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options in various types of houses. Hardwood is durable, elegant and has beauty that goes with all decoration types; adding a touch of modernity and class to your home. Accumulation of unsightly dirt and hair on your floor ruins this beautiful image.

Just like owning a car you really like, hardwood floors require similar attention and the correct tools. It is difficult to keep the polish and sheen on your hardwood floor particularly when you are using the wrong tool for the job. A good vacuum for hardwood flooring eliminates the manual labor from the cleaning process.

Why a Handheld Vacuum?

Handheld vacuums do not have bristles and will, therefore, not scratch your hardwood. They can get into the corners and crevices of your hardwood that will often be missed by larger vacuums. They also best for instant and quick cleaning of your hardwood.

Here are the things you should look out for:

  • Dyson V6 TriggerWeight – A handheld cleaner is supposed to be convenient for quick pick ups and tight areas it should, therefore be comfortable to use. Choose a handheld that is light so that its extended use will not cause discomfort. The handle should also be comfortable and feel right for you.
  • Battery life and charge time – Choose a machine that has a long battery life because you do not want to a vacuum that loses suction power or dies before you finish cleaning. Also the recharge time should be reasonable.
  • Dirt capacity – Select one that can hold a fair amount of dirt particularly when you have a lot of waste to clean e.g. pets that shed a lot of hair. The method of emptying the filter is equally important. It should have a one touch system of emptying the dirt rather than one that forces you to remove a dirty filter with your hands before emptying the dirt.
  • Functionality –  Best vacuums come with optimum functionalities such as pet hair removal, carpet cleaning, wet and dry cleaning and brushing

Examples of brands to look out for:

  • Dyson DC 34 – This cleaner has a running time of 15 minutes. It has a lithium-ion battery that recharges 3 times faster than other models. It is lightweight and hygienic to empty.
  • Black & Decker CHV1410L – It has a strong suction power and longer charge. It is also to empty.
  • Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld corded, 41A – It has an on/off brush roll switch to clean hardwood safely. It contains a crevice tool and is powerful to provide superior cleaning performance.


It has a high suction power. Its collection bin holds 16.9 ounces of dirt, meaning you will not have to empty the bin before you actually finish your cleaning. It runs for 17 minutes which is long enough for you to finish cleaning.

Handheld vacuums are great for hardwood floors. There are numerous brands available in the market. Each brand has special features that you may want to consider before buying. Narrow down your options to those brands that fit the type of hardwood floor you will be cleaning. Check out Hardwood Champion for more great reviews on the best hardwood vacuums currently available.

Lightweight Vacuum CleanerFor a very long time, cleaning has always been associated with too much effort, but this notion is changing with time. This is especially after the introduction of smaller and more compact vacuums into the market. Thanks to technology, you can even schedule your cleaning when far from home using a robot vacuum cleaner, the most recent development. Here are the main benefits of owning a lightweight vacuum cleaner:

  1. They are easily portable – These vacs are made of lighter components hence are smaller and lighter which allows for an easier push, pull or lift while cleaning without using too much effort or causing pain. This makes them ideal for people with back problems, the elderly, those with medical conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis and those confined to wheelchairs. Most of them are cordless thus can be used to clean anywhere without being tethered to a specific radius by cords.
  2. Smaller hence easier storage – Small vacuum cleaners take up very little space thus you will not need to budget for extra storage space thus saving on costs. They can easily fit under a bed, in a corner, in a small closet or cabinet or on a shelf as most of them are easily collapsible and do not contain long cords that are hard to store.
  3. Ease of use – Finding a cleaning tool that is small, lightweight, easily portable and takes up little space makes it easier to use. These can be lifted to comfortable heights in order to clean other areas apart from the floor. They can even be placed under the seat of a car to clean the car itself or even the office. They do not contain complicated power buttons and settings buttons or knobs like the larger vacuums thus making them easier to use. Emptying them is also easier as you only need to shake the dirt off the dirt cup or press the empty button.
  4. Suction power – Contrary to popular belief, these machines have optimum suction power and can be used to clean up most dirt. If the vacuum has the wet/dry functions, it becomes even more effective in cleaning up messes. These features make it easier for them to pick up food spills, pet hairs and debris.
  5. Affordable – Most small lightweight vacs cannot compare to the larger upright vacs in terms of price. They are cheaper and more affordable and can even be bought by students for cleaning of their rooms.
  6. Power saving – Most of these vacuums make use of rechargeable batteries that can last between 5 minutes to 30 minutes before recharging. This is efficient in terms of saving power hence cuts down on your electricity bills. This also makes perfect for performing little cleaning tasks and clearing up small messes.
  7. HEPA filters – Most of these appliances have a HEPA filter that is important in combating allergens present in the air thus preventing the sparking off of allergies. These filters are easy to buy and replace and this is done without additional tools.

Conducting a good research on this kind of vacuums and reading customer or buyer reviews is very important before deciding on which one to invest in.


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