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Why You Should Choose a Canister Vacuum For Your Wood Floors

Shark Wood Floor VacuumIf you have a wooden floor home, you are well aware of how delicate such floors often are. Wooden floors are gorgeous; that’s palpable. Maintaining their shine and glimmer, however, is a whole different story. Even for a cleaning approach a no brainer as vacuuming, you can never be too careful.

With a bit of research, you will find that canister vacuum cleaners are extensively recommended when dealing with all types of wooden floors. That ultimately begs one vital query: is such information trustworthy or is it just mere hearsay?

Lucky for you, this write-up is meant to shed a little more light on the subject by focusing on reasons to choose a canister style cleaner if you have wood floors at home. Sure there are other more potent vacuum cleaners in the market; however, there is a reason behind all the fuss encompassing canister vacuums as the most suitable wooden floors cleaners. And without further ado, it is time to unveil why-for.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

Typically, in order to fully curb any dilemma, prior knowledge is an amicably imperative weapon. And in this case, the situation is no different. Before getting in to why you would be better off using a wood floor canister vacuum, a basic wooden floor maintenance crash lesson is of the essence. Here’s a brief round up of the do’s and dont’s of wooden floor vacuuming and maintenance.

The Do’s:

  • Vacuum the floors at least once every week. By doing so, you knock out any possibility of dirt build up on your floors and, as you would expect, keeps up the floor’s glint.
  • Use rugs and carpets to cover high traffic areas. Like mentioned above, wood floors are delicate and highly prone to blemishes.
  • Use felt pads on furniture footings to avoid unnecessary scratching on the floor.

The Dont’s:

  • Vacuum cleaners with rolling brushes; these are designed to work on denser surfaces such as carpets. With wooden floors though, they cause more damage than they do good.
  • Water based cleaning approaches such as wet and steam mopping; they eventually strips the floor of their polished finishing.

Why A Canister Vacuum?

Now, canister cleaners are, in more than one way, incredibly competent cleaning partners. For one, they come in handy when its time to clean up those nooks and cronies that may not be all that easy to reach into. This is thanks to their usually low profiled head. And when it comes to taking care of your wooden floors, there’s not a better tool. Here’s why.

1. Substantial Amounts of Suction Power

Although this is a feature that can best be enjoyed with carpeted floors, it still gives it impeccable cleaning capabilities even on wooden floors. Their power brings you the promise of gratifying clean up results by completely clearing up dirt and debris of all natures.

2. Lightweight

Although they are not quite at the level of a handheld, one fact that remains unrivaled and deeply rooted is that they are impressively lightweight. This gives them a convenience merit over their counterparts. They highly portable even in the case of stairs and are indeed a duck-soup way to clean up an entirely wooden floored home.

3. Interchangeable Head

Canister vacuums are designed for next level convenience. Among other things, their interchangeable heads are a clear testimony to this. Essentially, they allow you to replace heads that may damage wooden floors with more friendly ones. Such pliancy is a plus especially in this type of scenario where taking naught chances is the your best bargain.


Wooden floors may prove particularly troublesome to maintain and clean up; but having the right kind of vacuum is one way to significantly ease this predicament. Although their contending types may have better features and sometimes appear more powerful, with wooden floors, you can never go wrong with a canister vacuum.


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