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Quick Guide to Finding The Best Animal Vacuum

Dyson Pet VacuumPet hair and households are not kindred spirits. Dogs and cats shed hair perpetually. An enduring, robust vacuum is an essential.

Without one, be prepared to be buried in hair the height of Mount Everest.
All vacuums appear indispensable for pet hair removal. The sad truth is that not all fit the purpose.

Here are ten quick questions that you should ask yourself before you begin searching the best vacuum for pet hair:

1) Does The Style Suit Your Needs?

Bagless vacuums are often recommended for cleaning up these types of messes. These models filter dirt into a cup. An air passage in the machine creates proper suction. Airflow and suction in bagged models are lost as bags fill up with dust.

Using a bagless vacuum means that a stock of bags is unnecessary. A bagless vacuum prevents asthmatics from being exposed to dust particles.

The Dyson DC 41 eradicates the annoyance of emptying and inhaling dust and rubbish. The dislodged disposal unit is easily clipped back in. Other great vacuum choices to check out include the Dyson DC39 and DC59.

If you are looking for a stylish vacuum that mimics the Roomba, try the iRobot. The circular vacuum cleans with speed. The bumpers around the unit negate the concern of destroying valuable furniture as it moves around. Be aware that this model is more suitable in homes with no pets or children as it may scare them.

2) Is The Filtration System Efficient?

A properly functioning vacuum cleaner should thoroughly eliminate dirt. An adept filtration system prevents dirt from being exhausted into the air.

You should ask about a vacuum’s filtration system, especially if your family members have dust allergies.

Cordless models clean thoroughly, but be certain that the model has enough run time to clean your entire home.

The cyclone technology of Dyson vacuum cleaners is beyond compare. It clears any debris within reason The Hoover WindTunnel T Series of vacuums performs competently as well, with HEPA filters that are reusable and washable.

3) Is Storage And Maintenance a Headache?

Request for information about the vacuum’s maintenance. How often do belts, filters and other items need replacing? What is the cost of replacement? Ask for the location of service centers nearest your home.

Consider where and how to store the unit. The Dyson DC24 Animal Compact Upright Cleaner has a collapsible handle that allows you to fold it down for storage almost anywhere.

4) Does it Remove Hair From Carpets And Inaccessible Areas?

A reliable machine should lift your pet’s hair off floors and carpets with ease. It should draw hair even from inaccessible, stubborn edges. You can learn more about the best features that make a good pet vacuum over at Home Floor Experts: http://www.homefloorexperts.com/pet-vacuum/

Vacuums that use cyclonic technology, such as the Hoover Windtunnel T Series Models, are designed specifically for the task of pulling hair out of carpets and other tough-to-reach places. The Shark Navigator Lift Away is competent at pulling almost anything from floors.

5) Do You Need to Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Stubborn animal hair on hardwood floors is a bane. Aside from finding a cleaner that completes the task, another concern is finding a vacuum that works on hardwood floors by protecting the floor from scratches and scuff marks while vacuuming.

There are a range of pet vacuums that can easily clear hair build-up without damaging precious your hardwood. One such cleaner is the affordable Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind UH 70210.

An impressive Turbo Brush pulls intractable hair out of carpets, but is easily removed when you need to hover over hardwood.

6) How Frequently do You Vacuum?

Vacuuming is not a daily task for everyone. How regularly do you vacuum? A lightweight stick model is best if you do it constantly.

If your cleaning routine is once a week, you require a cleaner with a vigorous motor and suction. The Panasonic “Jet Force Bagless” Upright Vacuum uses intense, cyclonic technology to make cleaning easier.

7) What Accessories Does it Come With?

For pet owners, a vacuum with motorized roller brushes is a must. These should be designed to remove even thick animal hair from nooks and crannies.
A spinning brush completes vacuuming jobs effectively. It combs through carpet fibers and extracts debris.

The Dyson DC41 has an array of excellent accessories that are guaranteed to remove your pet’s hair.

8) Is it Durable?

A good pet vacuum should have a secure warranty. A reliable place of purchase extends it according to your needs.

Find out the requirements you need to fulfill before buying and make sure to read reviews.

9) Does it Have Enough Suction Power?

If your pet sheds hair at a tremendous rate, you need a vacuum with dynamic suction. It should have the accessories to clear annoying hair. Essentially, it should never clog up.

The Miele S7260 is a rugged, sturdy vacuum that answers to these requirements. Although not bagless, the bags are sealed, a boon for anyone with dust allergies.

10) How Portable is it?

Vacuuming is a chore if you have to lug excessive, heavy equipment around. Bearing that in mind, lightweight models have fewer features. Balance the vacuum’s weight against its components.

The Shark Navigator NV352 is a nifty vacuum that is lightweight and convenient to push around. A draw of this model is that it can be used as a canister or in a standing position. With a set of functional hand tools, pet hair is a nuisance of the past. Remove the hassle by having the ideal tools.

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